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This is such an exciting, hectic, and tiring time. Welcoming a new member of your family is such a joy. It is so important to be able to capture this special time. Here are some tips to prepare for your upcoming newborn session.  

  • Baby’s Arrival: It is best to photograph the newest member of your family within the first 2 weeks of life. Newborns are extra sleepy and easier to pose during this time. 

  • Your home is where you are most comfortable during this new and hectic time, that’s why all photographs will be taken in your home. If the weather is nice and warm, and you are comfortable with it, I can take some shots outside. I will most likely be moving a few things around to get the best lighting and I will put back everything move. 

  • Natural light is the most flattering light. I will be setting up a mini-studio in your house and whenever possible, natural light is the best. Sometimes the best light comes into your living room, but sometimes it can be in the kitchen, foyer, or any place that has a nice big window. Morning light, specifically, is the nicest and warmest for newborns. 

  • Your home should be on the warm side during the shoot.  Babies just came out of a nice warm space, and I will come in and take all their nice cozy clothes off to get those sweet naked baby shots. Cranking the heat up to about 80º  about 30 minutes before your session will help keep baby happy and sleepy. I will also have a hairdryer with me to create some white noise to keep your baby as sleepy as possible. 

  • It also is helpful to loosen up baby’s clothes 30 minutes before the session. This will help give the diaper imprints that can happen to go away. I will make sure the baby’s important bits are covered during the shoot.

  • Sleepy and fully fed babies are the best to photograph. Whatever you can do to make sure the baby is as exhausted as possible and is well fed before your shoot will help make sure we have a happy and sleepy baby. If your baby is just awake, it’s okay! Some babies sleep, some don’t. I will make any and every situation work. That’s why the newborn session is 3 hours long!

  • Sometimes there’s poop, and that just part of the job! Baby is going to be naked for the better part of the session, and I will get peed and pooped on. It happens. All my blankets are washable and please don’t stress if there’s a little accident from your new little bundle of joy.

  • I may have to ask mom to leave if your baby is too unsettled. This is not an insult. Babies know when their momma is around and sometimes stepping out can help me calm them.

  • Keep your outfits simple for some family shots.  Stay away from busy patterns. Comfortable is key to this. If you are comfortable it will show up in your photographs! I will be taking some lifestyle photos along with the posed ones. 

  • Relax. Babies can sense stress, especially from Mom. Keeping a relaxed atmosphere is key. If there is a position that isn’t working, I’ll move on. My goal is to keep the baby safe, happy and sleepy.

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