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About Us

Artsy Lady Photography is run by husband and wife team, Meghan and Mike Scozzari.  Meghan has been taking beautiful photos since the moment she picked up her parents' manual Konica film camera back in 2002.  We met in college, where I majored in Art Education, while Mike focused on Marketing and Accounting.  

From Meg:

Through the years, I've always enjoyed taking photos of family and friends, but never thought I could turn it into a business.  It wasn't until 2017, when Mike and I were talking about how much I loved photography and how it would a fun career, when Mike said, "Then do it.  I'll make your website."  The rest is now history... 

As a family photographer, capturing all stages of a growing family is what brings me the most joy and happiness. Mike and I are the proud parents of two children and love the dynamics that occur between parents and their children, and between siblings. The love and excitement on the faces of soon-to-be parents is something that cannot be duplicated and something that I love to capture.


When we work together, my #1 goal is to make sure you and your family are comfortable so I can capture the special moments you have with each other, in order to help you and your family make some wonderful memories!

Mike and Meghan Scozzari
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