Since I picked up my parents' manual Konica film camera to use in my first photo class at Montclair State University, I have loved photography. My father used this camera through high school as the photo editor of his yearbook. It's the camera that captured (and accidentally destroyed) the first images of my life and that was pointed at my sister and me for most of our childhood.

As a family photographer, capturing all stages of a growing family is what brings me the most joy and happiness. As the proud mom of two small children, I enjoy the dynamics that occur between parents and their children and love to see the bonds that siblings share. The love and excitement on the faces of soon-to-be parents is something that cannot be duplicated and something that I love to capture.


When we work together, my #1 goal is to make sure you and your family are comfortable so I can capture the special moments you have with each other, in order to help you and your family make some wonderful memories!